December 7, 2014

grownup advent - week one

After I crossed the 50,000-word finish line for National Novel Writing Month, and the fervor and fury that had me up at 5 a.m. writing every day--and whenever I could find more time later on--I found myself longing to get into the holiday spirit.

So often the holiday season flies by, and it's over before I've had much of a chance to enjoy it. In this day where everything seems to be so fast and immediate, more than anything, I wanted to take some time to smell the candy canes.

That's where my grown-up advent calendar came into play.

For a couple of years now, I've seen people make wine advent calendars to celebrate the holidays (a different bottle a day) or coffees or teas, but I wanted a little more variety. I wanted to celebrate the season in as many ways as possible. So using some scrapbooking paper, markers, scissors and glue I went to work creating a collection of 24 ways to celebrate the holidays. Then, to add a little surprise to the whole thing, I randomly gave them numbers so every day was a bit of a mystery.

I woke up on Monday excited to start this adventure to see where it took me. Here's a quick look back at the first week of fun.

Day 1: Egg Nog Latte on the way
home from work. #grownupadvent
Day 2: Get presents for a child in need of them.
Couldn't resist these two. #grownupadvent
Day 3: Curling up with a kitten, cup of tea, biscuits and
#grownupadvent (Read my review here.)
Day 4: Pasta, PJs & "Love Actually." #grownupadvent
Day 5: Break out the Christmas cards
(and Christmas wine sippy cup). #grownupadvent
Day 6: "White Christmas" with
excellent company. #grownupadvent
Day 7: *Finally* read one of the Christmas novellas
I picked up during an ebook sale during a
Christmas past. #grownupadvent

Three French Hens by Lynsay Sands

Stay tuned for more on this year's Grown Up Advent Calendar, but first it's your turn: What activities would you include on your calendar?

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