December 14, 2014

grownup advent week two

It's Week Two of my Grownup Advent Calendar (check out Week One here). This week involved a lot of movie watching and crafting, which isn't too bad of a way to spend the time.

Also, not pictured, I found additional ways to celebrate the season by listening to Christmas music nonstop at home and work and reading more holiday novellas. While this has been a lot of fun, I'll admit that some days I don't wake up as excited to celebrate the season. It's kind of like needing to go to the gym for a workout or doing your laundry. Only, instead of in those situations (which for me feel rewarding once done, but I'm still not left with the, "man that was the best" feeling) I'm left feeling a little bit merrier than I was before.

So here's what I was up to this week (with a little help from some friends in the end):

Day 8: Watch "The Nightmare Before Christmas."
(The bag of red & green M&Ms I ate
was a bonus.) ‪#‎grownupadvent‬
Day 9: Bake cookies. (Giving Gingerbread Stars
the old college try for this batch) ‪#‎grownupadvent‬
Day 10: Watch SNL Christmas (with
cookies baked last night). ‪#‎grownupadvent‬
Bonus Day 10: Met Santa. Talked Books.
Day 11: Spend 30 minutes listening to Christmas music
and enjoying the lights. (Jane photobombed the tree.)
Day 12 (better late than never):
Build a gingerbread house. #grownupadvent
No. 13: In lieu of going to "The Nutcracker"
I'm having a few friends over for the 5 Cs
of Christmas. #grownupadvent

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