January 8, 2015

a few of my favorite things day

It doesn't get much better than The Princess Bride
on TV and macaroni and cheese in a bowl. 

I'm fortunate to have a day job that gives me a week (or more) off at the end of the year. While I've approached each of these winter shutdowns with a plan to be super productive and change my world, that doesn't always pan out.

Case in point, this winter break I had every intention of spending my week and a half off:
  • Doing a round of edits on The Marrying Type (I did that)
  • Having a conference call about TMT with my publisher (Also did that)
  • Writing a holiday novella (Not even close, but I did make some nice notes)
  • Taking a first read-through of Book 3 (I didn't even get through the first chapter)
  • Stockpiling a bunch of blog posts (I was moderately successful with this, but only managed a fraction)
  • Organizing and cleaning my apartment to get my life together in time for the New Year (That's where this post comes into play)

Though I had high hopes for essentially changing the world during my time off, I also approached this year's break with one overarching goal: Have a nice time and no regrets.

With that charge in mind, I took one day of last week and dubbed it, "Do a Few of My Favorite Things While Simultaneously Managing Some of My Not-So-Favorite Things Day." What does that mean? Basically, I watched a few of my favorite movies, ate a couple of my favorite foods, and essentially enjoyed myself while also doing some of the necessary evils, like taking down and packing up my Christmas decor, washing and sorting the laundry, and organizing and cleaning my apartment.

When I couldn't be near my TV to do things like organize my bedroom closet and clean the bathroom, I used the waiting TV to motivate me to work that much faster.

My favorite foods included hazelnut coffee and waffles for breakfast, macaroni and cheese for lunch, and more pasta for dinner. (I also ate a box of Milkduds, which probably wasn't necessary given the carbs I'd already consumed, but whatever.) My TV played some of my all-time favorite movies, including The Little Mermaid, The Princess BrideWhen Harry Met Sally, and Beauty and the Beast. Then I finished off the night be reading through the first few chapters of my novel, which was due back to the editor over the weekend.

Bingley even got in on the laundry action.

I checked a lot of items off of my to-do list that day, had a nice time, and was able to greet the end of my vacation feeling like I'd achieved my main goal and enough of my secondary objectives.

What would go into your favorite/not so-favorite things day?

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