January 2, 2015

a new year, new goals

I'll forever be a fan of setting New Year's Resolutions. I know a lot of people roll their eyes or scoff at the idea of making them (because it's so easy to break them).

I like to look at the start of a new year as an opportunity to assess where I am now, where I would like to be, and how I can go about making those goals happen. Sure, like any goal, they never seem to go as planned, but it's a start.

In the interest of giving myself some motivation to keep my resolutions, I'm going to publicly share some of them here. You, my lovely blog readers, have officially become my accountability partners. Welcome and thank you. I'm sure you have your work cut out for you.

Rather than make a list of things to do, let's do this another way. Let's make a list of habits or traits or behaviors I'm going to tell to Go Fly a Kite.

1. Beating myself up if I don't reach a goal exactly as I planned or even at all. Life's too short for regret.

2. Worrying more about what other people think about my life and what I'm doing and caring more about how I feel. Within reason. This isn't an excuse to turn into a giant dick.

3. Which brings me to this: my language. I should probably stop calling people dicks, buttholes, jerks, buttheads, and a series of other four-letter words that aren't appropriate for my blog. Those words create even more negativity in the world, and it'd be nice to contain it.

4. Holding grudges. I still get upset thinking about things that happened when I was five. It's probably time to channel my inner Elsa and Let it Go. Forgiveness is one of the hardest things we're asked to do as humans, but it is also one of the most powerful (in my opinion).

5. Caving into the urge to buy a pair of fleece pants (or a graphic T-shirt or a sweater or anything else I don't really need) just because the price is right. I bought a ton of new clothing in 2014, and while I like most of it, I didn't always have a vision for how to wear it. As a result, I have several pieces of clothing just sitting around not being worn. From now on, no more impulse clothes shopping.

6. Eating out, because I'm bored or lazy. I know how to cook. I even enjoy cooking. And I really want to do a better job of saving money this year. Why go out to eat or pickup takeout when I could make the food at home? Instead of treating dining out as a convenience, it'd be nice to treat it the way we did when I was a kid: as a treat.

7. Skipping my daily workout because I'm too tired. Last year was the first time since high school I made a point to have a prolonged daily workout schedule. Unfortunately that only lasted for a few months, but now I know I can do it, so I should. Though it was irritating to discover this is true, the more you exercise, the more energy you have to want to keep exercising. That's a bit of a Catch 22 when you start out feeling tired, but I need to just push through that.

8. Comparing myself to other writers. Or people in general. This is my life. This is my journey. It's going to be different from everyone else. Making the comparisons only frustrates me more. That said, it never hurts to look to another person as a source of inspiration. But when that inspiration includes envy or irritation, it's probably best to shut it down.

9. Making excuses to explain why I haven't written, eaten healthy, worked out, or went on a buying binge. Sometimes these things happen. Rather than make excuses or send myself on a shame spiral, I should stop beating myself up and move on, resolving to do better the next day (or hour if the opportunity presents itself).

10. Stop living for tomorrows and dwelling on the yesterdays. The only moment we're guaranteed in this life is the present. I don't know about the rest of you, but 2014 had a lot of major bummer moments personally and for the world at large. I could hardly log onto Facebook without learning of some awful tragedy. It's easy to look at that and worry about how bad our world is and to fear it will never get better. Then again, it can also serve as a reminder to do your best and live every day as well as you can, being the best person you can. To make every day count. If I don't do anything else on this list, just living for the moment and striving to be kinder and more understanding and more charitable with my present would be enough for 2015.

And of course I want to lose weight, save more money, and write lots of books. These are New Year's Resolutions. ;)

Your turn: Are any of you setting any resolutions? What's on your list?

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  1. Great goals, Laura! I wish you all the best for what life has to offer in 2015!