January 20, 2015

preparing for the storm ahead


Rather than working on Book 3 edits or doing more promotional planning for Book 2 over the weekend (hello, procrastination central) I effectively spent my long holiday weekend recovering from the cold I so eloquently (ha) blogged about under the effects of cold medicine.

Translation: I curled up on my couch re-watching old episodes of Bones while reading up on how to create a cleaning schedule and checking customer reviews for vacuum cleaners.

While I don't have a lot to show for my weekend (other than a newly purchased vacuum cleaner and a vague idea of what my cleaning schedule should look like if I ever get around to implementing it) in hindsight I realize I needed this weekend. Not only am I going back for the long stretch of no-holiday work weeks feeling healthy (though not perfect, if I can whine a moment longer), it gave me a chance to re-charge before things get crazy at the day job, in my writing world (for good reasons, of course) and personally.

Sometimes, we all need to enjoy a little calm before the storm.

Quick plug: My friend Whitney and I are launching a new collaborative blog today about our quests to become better, happier, healthier versions of ourselves as we prepare to take on our 30s. You can check us out at Defining 30.

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