January 22, 2015

the bing is back

Blogger's note: While I was trying to tackle a few items off of my to-do list last night, my furry associate, Mr. Bingley, took it upon himself to write you his first new post in 2015.

Hey, humans!

Long time no see. (Apparently my mom hasn't felt the need to let me weigh-in on any important topics as of late, but whatever.) Now that I have the floor (or office chair, as we call it in this house) I have a few topics I'd like to cover. They're little lessons I've picked up along my road of awesome. Maybe they'll speak to you.

1. Sometimes you have to treat yo' self. Okay, I stole that from one of Mom's favorite TV shows, but it still works. I like freshly poured water in my bowl each morning and the little tuna-flavored treats that are shaped like little balls and roll around the floor before I can eat them. (I also like most other treats, except for the super fancy, expensive healthy ones my mom tried to force on us last month. NO THANK YOU.) My mom likes to take bubble baths and binge-watching Netflix. And that's okay. (Though you should always treat yo' self in moderation.)

2. You're never too busy to take a few minutes connecting with the people who matter most. Even though Mom is in mega project mode getting book two ready for publication (it's happening next month, can you believe it?!?) and editing her third book, she still manages to sneak in some serious cuddle sessions with my sister and I. Sometimes she has to do that while checking her emails or doing some sort of other nonsense, but she's doing a much better time of adding playtime into the mix. She calls it work-life balance. I call it awesome.

3. Sometimes you need to take a break. Sure this is coming from a guy who spends a good chunk of his time napping (though you wouldn't guess it if you saw me at 4 and 6 a.m. when I give Mom her unsolicited wake-up calls), but we all need a little rest. It's easy to get run-down in this day and age, and if you need a little nap to make yourself feel better, go for it. If you need to spend a whole Saturday parked in front of your TV watching Bones (ahem, MOM!) so you can do a bunch of cleaning, writing, editing, and planning on Sunday, go for it.

4. If you keep your faith, have a little patience, and do you best, you'll be rewarded. In my world that means waiting for my baby sister to get tired of eating her treats so I can swoop in to eat her leftovers (high paw anyone?), but I bet this works for other things, too. You just have to believe, my friends!

5. Focus on you. Stop worrying so much about what everyone else is doing and focus on doing your best. Mr. Rogers (who is apparently different from the Mr. Rodgers my mommy likes to get all googly-eyed about on Sundays in fall) once said, "There's only one person in the whole world like you." So be that best you possible.

Thanks for letting me hang with you today. Hopefully I'll be talk to you again soon!

- >^.^< 

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