February 10, 2015

post-movie monday: 'cloudy with a chance of love'

Blogger's Note: It's no secret I devote much of December to following the latest (and past-time favorite) Hallmark movies. So I was thrilled to learn the channel would count down to Valentine's Day with a new movie each weekend leading up to the holiday. Naturally, I couldn't resist watching, live-tweeting, and ultimately blogging about my take on each new flick.

Cloudy with a Chance of Love
Original air date: February 8
Starring Katie Leclerc, Michael Rady and Stacey Dash
Quirky meteorologist Deb spends most of her time finishing the passionate pursuit of her Ph.D. in meteorology. The wind of change starts blowing, however, when a handsome news director recruits her to fill in as an on-air weather personality. While the new job comes with a glamorous makeover that catches the eyes of both viewers and her handsome colleague, it also takes her away from her studies at a critical time. When her TV job, academic commitments and new romance swell into a perfect storm, Deb must decide if her future will be spent studying the sky, or broadcasting over the air.
We're a day late with this Movie Monday recap on account of yesterday's Fairy Tale Blog Hop (a totally worthy cause when you consider there is a brownie prize package up for grabs AND I had the chance to compare the heroines of my novels to Disney princesses), but let's do it...

I was casually looking forward to Cloudy with a Chance of Love, because it's a pretty cute premise--meteorologist takes a part-time gig as an on-air weather girl and ends up falling for the dishy news director, who has bigger ambitions that might make him forget about her own. But what made this movie really shine was the superb casting. The leads--Katie Leclerc and Michael Rady--were brilliant, but so were their supporting cast. And without throwing in anything too droll or over-the-top, each of the characters had a back story and history that supported who they were in this moment and where they wanted to go.

Super adorable, with just enough sweet romance and humor, this one will go in my re-watch vault.

Like on Saturday night, I joined in with some of the greater conversation, including a couple of exchanges with a couple of the stars of the show.

Not only was this banter totally a blast, but I think I have some inspiration to create my dream cast for The Marrying Type...

Overall, this was a solid Hallmark movie with characters that showed believable depth who were easy to cheer on the whole way through.

Who watched Cloudy with a Chance of Love? Let's discuss.

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