May 18, 2015

times are a-changin'

I had a funny thought occur to me over the weekend. While I was flying to a conference in Minneapolis, I remembered the last time I'd flown somewhere. I realized it had been almost exactly two years. (Which is a long time when you consider how often I used to fly for my first post-college job.)

Two years ago, when I flew to and from California, I finished the first draft of my novelette "Twelve Drummers Drumming." I also worked on the last draft of Hard Hats and Doormats, my debut novel.

Now both of those stories (along with another short and a novel) have been published. And during this series of flights, I worked on edits for a third novel and novella. There are other little differences from then and now.

But going from aspiring to published author in that time is a strange, lovely mix of insanity and amazement.

Isn't it amazing how much a person's world changes over time? It reminds me of a favorite line from Nora Roberts' Genuine Lies, "Don't you think it would be deadly boring to wake up every morning of your life as exactly the same person?"

I wonder who I'll wake up as tomorrow.

A couple of photos to share from my business trip for the day job...

Me with this adorable cat quilt on display at Spring Market. Look at the bespectacled kitten!

The Kittens, pattern by Elizabeth Hartman

Meet my new favorite food: lobster guacamole.

At Smack Shack

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