June 8, 2015

the next adventure

I'm a dreamer and a plotter by nature. It's what I'm best at--creating visions and imagining ways to execute them. (The follow-through is where I tend to find myself lacking.) In another life, I'd probably make an adequate TV writer. I'd be great at throwing out ideas and having a quick deadline for producing and revising a script before seeing it filmed and played out on TV.

It's sometimes exciting to have my brain spinning with so many ideas. I'm never bored. But other times it's a challenge. Like when I need to commit to one idea and develop it into a story.

It's also problematic when I agree to do something that I haven't considered fully. (You should see the list of blogs and urls I've snapped up only to let them go away.) I suppose you could call me wishy-washy (which isn't very nice of you! ;) ), but I like to think of it as being free-spirited.

Last week I mentioned that I wasn't sure what my next writing project would be. After taking off the week from writing (and instead focusing most of my mental power toward my day job, which had some pretty exciting happenings going on), I returned to it on Saturday. I should say officially returned to it. I was making notes throughout the week as ideas popped into my head.

I won't say much about this current writing project, because I'm not far enough in to be totally committed. One thing I will say is that this current story, if it pans out, will incorporate many of the characters and story ideas I've been tinkering with for the past few years. Hopefully I can stay the course with them, because I'd really like to get their stories told and shared.

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  1. I'm also a planner. Thank goodness for deadlines, or I'd just plan forever and never actually carry out the plan!