June 18, 2015

the real marrying types with samantha march

When Elliot Lynch learns her family’s wedding planning business is in danger of bankruptcy, she’s willing to whatever it takes to save it—even participate in “The Marrying Type,” a reality TV show that takes viewers behind the scenes of wedding drama. Elliot’s reality show adventures—which include run-ins with a dramatic bridesmaid, rival wedding planner, and the one who got away—are told in my novel, The Marrying Type. While Elliot’s wedding stories are fiction, there are plenty of wonderful real stories out there. In The Real Marrying Types of Change the Word, real women are sharing their real wedding stories. 

In today’s new The Real Marrying Types of Change the Word, Samantha March shares a special moment she shared with her husband during their wedding.

As I was prepping for my September 7, 2013 wedding, I was getting a lot of advice and tips from the women around me. I mean, like, a lot. But that’s a good thing! As a first-time bride, wedding plans were of course really overwhelming. I also didn’t have my mom right by my side during all the plans, as she lived (and still does) in a different state than I do. There was a lot of Skype happening during my one-year engagement.

One reoccurring tip I heard from everyone was to have a special moment sometime during our wedding day, just me and my husband. They said how busy and fast the entire day and night would go, and because so many people are coming to see us, we would feel the pressure to try to talk to everyone, and not necessarily talk to everyone together. So that was always in my mind – find a time for just Mitch and I to connect, to understand what we were doing and the importance of it, and to have fun with one another. I could find a time to do that, right?

I’ll be honest – I thought maybe it would be during our first dance, or while eating dinner. Maybe towards the end of the night when things were winding down. Nah. We had our moment, our special time together, but it wasn’t during those events – it was while two hundred plus guests watched us stand at the altar.

During our ceremony, as our wonderful officiant did his officiating, Mitch and I took the time to whisper "I Love You," to whisper how overwhelming this was, to whisper how wonderful we both looked to each other. At one point I remember asking, “Do you think everyone knows we’re talking to each other up here?” And he just shrugged and gave me a wink.

I don’t want to say we weren’t paying attention to what was being said, or we missed our cues to light the unity candle or say our vows, because we didn’t. I asked a lot of my friends if they could tell we spent most of the ceremony talking to each other, and only the ones in the first few rows said they thought they noticed us laugh and smile a lot. But I am so glad I have those special moments to hold on to, and when I watch my wedding video back, Mitch and I look so freaking happy, that it makes me tear up every time. Hell, I’m tearing up as I write this and remember those twenty minutes of pure happiness.

Having “our moment” during our ceremony was actually pretty magical. We weren’t rushing to get into the photo booth at our reception (killer idea, by the way), there wasn’t a line of people trying to talk to us, we weren’t figuring out how much to pay our DJ. It was just us, having our moment, as we promised each other our forever.

We'll be back with more "The Real Marrying Types of CTW" tomorrow with a new story from Terry Mitchell.

About Samantha
Samantha March is an author, editor, publisher, blogger, and all around book lover. She runs the popular book/women’s lifestyle blog ChickLitPlus, which keeps her bookshelf stocked with the latest reads and up to date on all things health, fitness, fashion, and celebrity related. In 2011 she launched her independent publishing company Marching Ink and has three published novels – Destined to Fail, The Green Ticket and A Questionable Friendship. When she isn’t reading, writing, or blogging, you can find her cheering for the Green Bay Packers. Samantha lives in Iowa with her husband and Vizsla puppy.

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When Elliot Lynch's family business is on the brink of bankruptcy, Elliot will do whatever it takes to save the family business. When asked to appear on “The Marrying Type,” a reality TV show about the people behind the scenes as couples exchange I dos, she says yes to the invasion of privacy (and the hefty paycheck that comes with it). With a camera crew capturing every detail of her life, Elliot faces her most challenging contract yet: planning a wedding where her ex is involved in every part of the process. Forced to confront her past, Elliot must live out her troubled present on national TV if she has any hope of saving her future.

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  1. Thank you so much for letting me share this memory :)

  2. Aw I love this! Getting married in October and hope to have sweet moments like this <3

  3. My wedding was perfect and simple.