July 7, 2015

kicking off camp

Even when you do your best to set realistic goals and carve out time to write, it can be challenging to follow through with your plans. That was certainly the case for me over the weekend. We celebrated Independence Day in the U.S., which meant many of us--myself included--had three days away from our offices. While I'm a big fan of the Fourth of July, I also set some essential writing goals for the month as part of Camp NaNoWriMo. As such, I'd hoped to devote my non-predetermined holiday time to non-stop writing so I could knock those goals out of the park.

Yet, as way leads to way, I found my social opportunities expanded, my desire to nap multiplied, and the call to watch far too much bad TV too loud to ignore. And it was all wonderful.

Despite my self-indulgence, I managed to generate stead word count. It didn't happen as planned, but on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, I found about 90 minutes or so to write 1,200-1,500 words a session. (I need to maintain 1,200 words daily to meet my monthly goal, so this was perfect.)

On Sunday, which had even more spaces filled on my social dance card, I still ended up with 1,600 words by using the notes app on my iPhone. It was surprisingly easy to find 15 minutes here or there to sneak in a little bit of writing without missing out on an of the fun. And I was even able to take a nap mid-afternoon!

I doubt this would be a sustainable long-term writing plan for me, but I'll take it for now. Here's hoping I keep the momentum going.

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