September 9, 2015

pre-release book party for 'first & goal'

I like a little fuss when I release a new book. Creating, writing, editing, publishing (and sometimes redoing each of those steps however long it takes) a book is a lot of work. So when you cross the finish line and have something to show, it's fun to celebrate.

I am leaving town for a business trip on Thursday, which means celebrating tonight on the actual release date would have been tricky. (Plus I have another fantasy football draft, which means I'll be busy picking a team and packing.) So instead, last night I had some friends and family over for an evening of celebration.

To kick-off First & Goal--and the whole Queen of the League series--I went with a draft party theme. The little decor and food all went along with the theme of what I'd offer up if I were to host a draft party at my home.

For decorations, I made a sign that echos the cover of my book. I asked guests to help me complete it by writing one of their favorite football memories on a football-shaped piece of paper, which we attached to the sign.

Made with the green poster board I've had sitting in my craft pile for
a year and some nail polish, because my craft pile isn't that impressive.

Little footballs made with scrapbook paper and a cookie cutter.

Put them together, that's a fine looking poster.

Some of my favorite shared memories were:

"NWU Hail Mary"

"Saw Charles Woodson return a record-tying interception for a touchdown live"

"Game of the century at Oklahoma, 1971"

Each attendee also adopted a fantasy football team name for the evening.

Bless the people of the internet and their ingenuity.

All of the attendees were good sports about supporting the theme and picking a team. I went with "Forte Shades of Jay." My mom was "98 deBrees" and even my dad rocked the "Kung Suh Panda" team name.

"Come on, Dad, smile. Maybe Ndamukong Suh
will see this on Twitter or something."

I'll explore the menu in more detail through a few posts in my upcoming Friday Night Eats series (which begins this Friday), but here's a rundown of the dishes:

Black Bean & Blue Cheese Sliders*
Sweet Potato & Chickpea Sliders*
Cheese Pizza Rolls
Spinach & Artichoke Dip*
Seven-Layer Dip*
Chips & Salsa
Veggie Tray
Peanut Popcorn Mix*
Black Bean Brownie Bites*
Sugar Cookies*

(* will be featured in upcoming blog post)

There weren't many leftovers. Mostly things like veggies.

It was a pretty great spread of food, if I do say.

Having this chance to spend time with some of the most supportive people in my world meant a lot to me. It was a good way to set aside the pre-release jitters I always seem to have. Plus it was just a good time. Thanks to everyone who came!

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About the Book
When Harper Duquaine’s no-nonsense approach to work unintentionally ruffles the wrong feathers at her new job, she joins her co-workers’ fantasy football league to prove she can hang with the guys. Only problem: she doesn’t know a sleeper from a keeper (or any of the other lingo thrown her way). 

Embroiled in a world of lineups, stats, and trades, Harper’s quest to make nice topples when her competitive streak emerges. And her promise to herself that she’ll be a strong, independent woman and leave the drama and heartache behind is seriously tested when she catches the attention of her two biggest competitors: J.J., a local celebrity determined to win a fantasy championship, and Brook, the mild-mannered coach who seems too good to be true. Both threaten her resolve to remain single… and, more importantly, her chances at winning the prize pool.

With a slew of conflicting advice in her real and fantasy worlds, Harper must figure out how to play the game and come out a winner.

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  1. I'm so hungry now. Can't wait to see those recipes!

  2. That is an impressive spread!! :) How I wish we were neighbors! LOL