October 28, 2015

interview with the author of 'prosecco & paparazzi'

Today we're welcoming Celia Kennedy to Change the Word for an interview about the release of her novel Prosecco & Paparazzi. I hope you enjoy getting to know Celia and her story a little more.

Change the Word: What was your inspiration for writing this story?
Celia Kennedy: My husband and I watch Clint Eastwood on Inside the Actors Studio. We were both very inspired by this multi-faceted man, and thought how amazing it would be to meet him. Which begged the question, how does one go about meeting a celebrity in a non-stalkerish way? I began to wonder how celebrities make new friends, allow people into their lives. How does a celebrity know whether people are interested in them as an individual or their fame?

CTW: What do you hope readers take away from reading it?
CK: The first words you read on my website are, “No Damsels in Distress.” Women are more savvy, educated, and independent than ever before. I want to write books that appeal to them, but still take them on an adventure.

Romance is one of the facets of life, but so are bad hair days, falling down and picking yourself up, or having food between your teeth. So, whether you need to borrow a piece of jewelry from your girlfriends or get help you are navigating the deep end, your friends are there.

Love and Laugher, Friendship and Fashion – that’s my favorite tagline.

CTW: Where is your favorite real-life travel location?
CK: I’ve been so fortunate to have traveled extensively and it isn’t something I take for granted. I know many people who haven’t been able to. When I decided to start writing, I thought, “How can I help people escape on multiple levels?” One of them was traveling. All the locations in my books, down to the last little tearoom, are real places.

My favorite place? Honestly? An outdoor market in Saint Tropez, France. It was a gloriously sunny day, and the scent of olives, fresh bread, and the salty sea breeze hovered in the air. The clarity of light, the colors of the buildings, the bobbing boats in the harbor. My gosh, it was heavenly.

CTW: What is the number one place you would most like to visit?
CK: Hands down, without a shadow of a doubt, the place I want to go desperately is Australia. Which to me, includes New Zealand. Because if you fly from Seattle to Sydney, you wouldn’t miss New Zealand.

CTW: What three items are always in your suitcase when you travel?
CK: Black skirt, white top, toothbrush.

CTW: If you were having a dinner party and could invite three fictional characters, who would be coming to dinner?
CK: Excellent question. I read a lot… about three or four books a week. So, this is tough.

  • Brett Bholinger, from Lori Nelson Spielman’s, The Life List.
  • Marta Zinsser, from Jane Porter’s, Odd Mom Out.
  • Velvet, from Mary Whitcomb and Tara Calahan King’s Odd Velvet.

CTW: What is the best piece of writing advice you have ever received?
CK: I was really struggling with Des Bannerman’s character, The King of Romantic Comedy, and the Charlotte’s celeb crush, in Prosecco & Paparazzi.

I followed the life of a real celeb at the time I was writing it, and used his mannerisms, speech cadence and quirks to drive Des’ character. The problem was that this actor never appears in a bad light, angry, annoyed or otherwise.

When I was told his character didn’t work, that he wasn’t compelling, I freaked because so much research had been done. But… I threw it all away and created a much more funny, interesting, and compelling character. Sometimes you gotta take out the trash!

CTW: What is one thing you must have when you sit down to write?
CK: Water! I sometimes sit down for five or six hours without moving, and water is key. I often read out loud what I’ve written and that would be impossible without a gallon of water.

CTW: What has been the most important lesson you have learned so far in your writing career?
CK: Two! Can I mention two lessons? They are tied. One, be yourself. Write using the voice inside your head, because that is the real you. When you try to change it up, your writing doesn’t flow and when you read it, it won’t sound like you. The other, be yourself. Readers love the quirky you, the you that you expose to them in interviews, your books, posts on Facebook, Twitter, interviews. Celebrate yourself, invite them into your lives, and share the experience. We live in an interactive era and it isn’t going to change.

CTW: What are you working on now?
CK: I am completely and utterly rewriting Cognac and Couture, book two in The Passport Series. I had finished it, but when I read it back to back with Prosecco & Paparazzi I realized they were tooooooo different from each other. I will always love the first book. But, the second version is so much better.

About the Book
When fifteen minutes of fame goes horribly wrong…

Charlotte Young and her five closest friends ring in the New Year on a ski vacation in the swanky,
celebrity-packed French Alps, where her world collides with long-time celeb crush, Des Bannerman—aka “The King of Rom-Com.” Unexpectedly, Charlotte finds herself happily reconciled to an innocent evening of drinking champagne, gambling, and chatting to the celebrity of her dreams.

Charlotte’s friends join forces to help her realize her lifelong fantasy, yet his girlfriend, the latest Bond Girl, proves an insurmountable obstacle. Lighthearted banter turns into tabloid fodder and leaves Charlotte saddled with a restraining order.

With the help of her friends, Charlotte finds the answers to life’s biggest questions while trying to
deal with the fallout of her fifteen minutes of fame.

Prosecco & Paparazzi is a contemporary romantic comedy about what happens when the paths of a celebrity god and a mere mortal collide.

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About the Author
Celia Kennedy’s passion for travel, friendship, self-discovery, wine, chocolate, love, and the designed and natural world is the foundation of her books. She was born on a military base in Wurzburg, Germany. Her parents’ penchant for traveling stuck with her, and she’s lived in and traveled through several countries. Celia has authored three fiction novels and published four anthologies. She is currently working on book three in The Passport Series. She lives in Washington state with the loves of her life.

Connect with Celia

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