November 16, 2015

mcm: meet everett from 'making christmas'

Every good love story needs a swoon-worthy heartthrob. This Man Crush Monday, get to know Everett, the man who captures Ivy's fancy in Making Christmas, now available in All I Want For Christmas from Marching Ink.

Oh, Everett. The quiet and broody guy who secretly has a heart of gold. In his late twenties/early thirties, Everett is a lifelong Nebraskan who writes copy for agricultural clients, plays guitar in a cover band, and has a slight obsession with reading biographies to kill time. out of any character I've ever created, he's probably the most like the guys I grew up knowing in marching band and working at a movie theater.

Only he's better, because I invented him. There's just something about a cool Nebraska guy.

Fun fact: Everett received his name, because every day I drive by "Everett Street" on my way to and from work. I also drive by "Washington," and I nearly named him Everett Washington, because I thought it had a nice ring to it. Then I remembered why it sounded so perfect: There is an actually Everett, Washington, located near Seattle. So I nixed that full name and left him Everett. But as a tribute to my lapsed thinking, I made the city Ivy's hometown.

As far as movie rights go...


I imagine Ben Hollingsworth playing Everett in the Hallmark adaptation. It wouldn't be much of a stretch for him, I'm sure. Especially not after he starred in A Wish Come True and Lucky in Love. But there's more to Everett than looks. He's a man injured from the past, who needs a little light in his life. Can the spirit of the season save him? Or is he doomed to be a curmudgeon forever?

You'll have to read Making Christmas to find out, but until then, here's a little character questionnaire to tide you over...

Favorite Christmas Song: I don't know... I guess "Good King Wenceslas," because it has a good story.

Favorite Christmas Movie: Probably A Christmas Story.

Favorite Holiday Treat: I like frosted sugar cookies with sprinkles.

Favorite Holiday Drink: Egg nog.

Favorite Holiday Memory: One year my sister and I were excited to meet Santa Claus, but we both chickened out at the last minute. But just as we were about to leave, we had a change of heart. Even though the mall was about to close, and the line had been pretty long, somehow my parents managed to get both of us in to see him. They must have bribed an elf, but even though we kept them all at the store an extra ten minutes, Santa still brought both of us what we asked for: new bikes.

About Making Christmas
While settling into a new career in a new community, Ivy is determined not to let the holiday season pass her by. Enter the grownup advent calendar: twenty-four days of festivities to celebrate Christmas. What begins as a bit of fun turns into a mission to spread cheer when she meets Everett. After learning about his bad Christmas attitude, she invites him to join her quest. Despite his initial reservations, Everett quickly gets caught up in the spirit of the calendar. But when new feelings surface and are impossible to ignore, Everett’s inner curmudgeon threatens to put a damper on the whole experience.

All I Want For Christmas is Now Available

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  1. I agree with "Everett's" choices of Holiday treat and drink! Maybe he's my new "book boyfriend" this season? ;) Sounds like an excellent Holiday book! :)

    1. Thank you! I have a pretty big crush on him him. ;)

  2. P.S.: Is there any way to add FB as an option to the comment's name selection? I have none of these options and I don't like having to choose "Anonymous." Thanks for considering! :)

    1. That's a great suggestion. I checked Blogger's settings and didn't see it as an option, but if it becomes available, I'll be sure to add it. Thanks for reading!