December 11, 2015

12 days of reading: 'out of my league' by brea brown

As 2015 comes to a close, I'm looking back at and celebrating some of my favorites reads from the year via the 12 Days of Reading. Enjoy!

Day 5: Out of My League by Brea Brown

Technically I read an early version of this book in 2014, but having recently re-read it to see the changes, I figure I can still count this on my 2015 list. :) Brea Brown is back on my best of list with her latest release, Out of My League, a book about love, decisions, and football.

About the Book
Maura Richards has a plan for her life—it involves not having a plan. From biding her time at a long-term temp job to ending relationships before they get too serious, Maura’s only commitment is to being noncommittal. 
When she meets Jet Knox, the starting quarterback of her beloved hometown football team, she dismisses their encounter as a thrilling brush with celebrity she can drag out at parties for a few years, and nothing more. Jet has other ideas. He’s someone who’s made a living setting—and scoring—goals. Wooing Maura is his latest objective. 
Everyone in Maura’s life seems to have a take on her relationship with the All-Pro QB, but with so many swirling opinions, rumors, and doubts, Maura must rely on the judgment of the very last person she feels she can trust: herself.

If you're a fan of football--or more specifically, a fan who sometimes fantasizes about running away with your favorite player--this is a great read for you.

The characters in this story are what makes it so fun. You have Maura--who I could totally relate to with her indecisiveness and inability to commit--and her quirky cast of friends and family, who are too opinionated for their own good. And then there's Jet: the hot shot quarterback with a heart of gold.

With lots of laugh-out-loud moments, this book is a fun escape and pleasure read.

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