January 19, 2016

new bookish digs

At the end of 2015, I was fortunate to have a week off from my day job. This year, I elected to treat it as a total work break, meaning I didn't blog, write, or do much interaction on social media.

I spent a big chunk of that time moving out of my apartment and into a house I'm renting from my parents. It's actually the house I lived in from birth through middle school, during college, and again a few years during my mid-twenties (which wasn't that long ago). This time it's different. It's just the cats and I, which means we have space to sprawl out. And because it's just me, I get to arrange and decorate to my taste. And because I'm me, books are core to the design.

For one, I made some new throw pillows for my living room couch. I scored this fantastic typewriter burlap at Michael's a year ago and finally put it to use. I totally heart them.

I also worked some of my favorite book quotes into frames that line the hallway to the bedrooms. It was difficult to pick just four, but I chose from favorite reads that have left their mark on me at various points of time in my life.

But the big room filled with literary influence is my office. It was actually my dad's study when I was young. I even had it for a bedroom my first year after college. Now it's my glorious office.

I selected a beautiful shade of green (minted lemon from Behr) for the walls, hoping it would be both calming and inspiring.

I found a home for my fiction and writing books. (I didn't have room for the non-fiction, so they're in my living room.) And of course my favorite bookish art hangs on the walls. You can see it all a little better in this little video tour I put together for my YouTube channel last week.

So far, I love my new office and having a place totally devoted to books. It's still too early to say if I'll be crazy productive in there, but I have high hopes it will continue to be a haven for writing and reading.

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