April 25, 2016

things that bum me out

  • The price of real estate in Vancouver and Seattle (as seen on HGTV).
  • The price of plane tickets to London.
  • How much money I waste on stupid practical things like rent, gas, electric and water, when I could be buying plane tickets to London.
  • The number of calories in pizza, candy, ice cream, cake, cookies, Mexican food and pretty much everything I love.
  • Calories in general.
  • Thinking about how much food I waste when there are people starving.
  • Finding gray hairs.
  • Commercials for ASPCA.
  • The ending of just about every movie about a dog.
  • Rejection emails.
  • Reading the community comments on newspaper articles.
  • Having so many ideas, but a lack of energy (or maybe it's follow-through) to write them all down the way I see them in my head.
  • Knowing that Steve Perry and Journey will probably never go on a reunion tour.
  • Jane Austen, who is considered the mother of romance novels/women's fiction, died without the adoration and fortune she deserved.
  • Writers like Charlotte Bronte and Mark Twain famously threw shade at Jane Austen, which means I'll never really be able to like them with my whole heart.
  • Knowing I'll never read another new novel by authors I adore who are no longer living.
  • Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason (book and film) did not end, "And Mark and I lived happily ever after, and nothing else of interest happened."
  • In fact, any sequel that involves a well-liked character from the previous story being killed off/divorced/otherwise eliminated to carry on the franchise.
  • Books/movies like Room are inspired by actual events.
  • Downton Abbey Season 3. (I've never recovered. I tried to rally, truly I did, but I never could.)
  • How much time Ross and Rachel spent breaking up and getting back together before they kind of figured things out.
  • The Blue Castle by Lucy Maude Montgomery isn't available at my local library and is barely available for purchase. How are people going to discover how amazing it is if they don't have convenient access to it?
  • Having to pick one or the other when people ask "cats or dogs?"

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  1. Me too, on most of these!! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Having friends who understand sarcasm and wit, but who live too damn far away.