July 13, 2016

meet the voice of 'the marrying type' - emily lawrence

One of the coolest (and, I'll admit, strangest) moments as an author is having your book turned into an audiobook. While it's awesome to know your story, one you've labored over for months (or in the case of The Marrying Type, years) will be available in another format, it's also a little strange to hear that story read by someone else.

Fortunately, when the time came to produce the audio book for The Marrying Type, we met Emily Lawrence. While we had several talented voice artists submit audition reels to bring this story to audio life, there was something about Emily's voice that seemed to perfectly capture the story.

And as of last month, The Marrying Type is now available for your listening pleasure on Audible (big shout-out to Audible for their help in making this book available). And as of today, I'm featuring an interview I did with Emily so you can get to know a little bit more about the voice behind The Marrying Type audio book.

Laura Chapman: Emily, thanks so much for doing this interview and giving us a chance to meet the voice behind Elliot Lynch and the rest of her friends. Let's start with the basics. How did you get into acting?
Emily Lawrence: When I was very young, I used to copy everything my sister did. After making her way through several typical little girl hobbies (horses were a big one), she found her way to acting. My sister eventually moved on to become a High School English teacher, but I was hooked. I was in my first play at seven and never stopped.

LC: It sounds like you started young! What was your first play and what was your role? What was your favorite part about that role? 
EL: It was called Folk Tale Magic and I was the Swan. I honestly don't remember much about it, just that I loved doing it.

LC: What drew you to audiobook narration?
EL: I've always been a voracious reader. It honestly never really occurred to me that I could narrate audiobooks until I took a workshop on how to get into voiceover and audiobooks was listed as an option. The idea of combining two of my greatest loves (acting and reading) was too tempting to ignore. I took a risk, bought some equipment, and set up a recording studio. It took about six months to really pick up, but I've been doing it steadily full time ever since. It's a dream come true and I absolutely love it.

LC: One of my favorite hypothetical questions to ask other readers is this: if you were stranded on an island and you could only take three books (and no e-reader) with you, what would you take?
EL: Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins, Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut, and American Gods by Neil Gaiman.

LC: Have you read any Jane Austen? Which one of her books is your favorite?
EL: I think I've read all of Jane Austen's books. If I had to pick a favorite, I'd probably pick Pride and Prejudice.

LC: I love that one. Mine is Persuasion, and . . . The Marrying Type is a modern reimagining of Austen's Persuasion. Which of the contemporary characters did you enjoy performing the most and why?
EL: Elliot was fun: the conflict between her Southern manners and desire to make everyone happy while also needing to take care of herself and her own needs is something I think a lot of people can relate to. I also liked Sadie a lot. I'm definitely a hopeless romantic, so her enthusiasm for getting married and her relationship with her groom was all very sweet.

LC: What did you do to get into the mindset or characters of this story while you narrated it?
EL: It was actually fairly easy for me to connect with the characters in this story. It just so happens that my dad got married this past weekend. So working on this in the weeks leading up to his wedding, where we were all already excited with planning and wedding jitters, made it a fun project.

LC: Who are your biggest inspirations as a performer?
EL: I'm not so much inspired by people as I am by stories and ideas. I tend to be inspired by writers who create sympathetic characters or express things in a way that I never could. I get inspired by emotions and situations and how they interact with my own imagination. I think that all art, whether it's writing, acting, painting, sculpting, composing, is all just about expressing an aspect of being human. As long as it taps into some sort of inherent truth about life, I find it inspiring.

About Emily
Emily is an actor and writer living in Los Angeles. She's narrated more than 125 audiobooks and has also worked in film and television. Born and raised in New York, Emily moved to Los Angeles shortly after receiving her BFA in drama from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. She also studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in London. Emily's other passions include reading, traveling, LARPing, and chocolate. For more about Emily, including photos, videos, and voice samples, visit her website or imdb. You can also follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instragram.

About The Marrying Type
When Elliot Lynch's family business is on the brink of bankruptcy, Elliot will do whatever it takes to save the family business. When asked to appear on “The Marrying Type,” a reality TV show about the people behind the scenes as couples exchange I dos, she says yes to the invasion of privacy (and the hefty paycheck that comes with it). With a camera crew capturing every detail of her life, Elliot faces her most challenging contract yet: planning a wedding where her ex is involved in every part of the process. Forced to confront her past, Elliot must live out her troubled present on national TV if she has any hope of saving her future.

Available on AmazonBarnes & NobleKoboiBooks, and Audible.

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