August 16, 2017

one week to go until 'smyth saves the date' in 'love unlimited

With only one week to go until "Smyth Saves the Date" is released in the upcoming Love Unlimited Anthology, I thought I'd give you a taste of what's to come. This novelette picks up a couple of years after we last saw everyone in The Marrying Type. And just like that story was a modern reimagining of Jane Austen's Persuasion, this one also gives a contemporary spin to another Austen classic: Emma.

So here's a preview, a first look at where we find Smyth and his crew as this story begins. I hope you enjoy it!

This was his favorite part.

On the count of three, Rhett Smyth jumped out from behind the flowering forsythia to surprise the unsuspecting couple.

The bride, a pretty little thing with big blue eyes, shrieked and gripped the groom’s arm. The groom, or as Smyth called him the tall drink of water on the hottest days of summer, lunged forward to protect his fiancĂ©e from their assailant. Then the camera crew converged around them.

Recognition dawned on the bride’s face, which was Smyth’s cue.

“Matt and Sarah—or should I say the future Mister and Missus—I hear the two of you are gettin’ hitched.”

“That’s right.” The bride straightened her shoulders and brightened her smile. “We’re getting married in a week.”

“I also hear you wanna make it a big to do. Somethin’ your friends and family will talk about for years and years.”

“We are . . .” The groom agreed, glancing around in bewilderment.

“You folks are in luck. I’m Smyth, and I’m here to help you save the date.”

The bride unleashed another shriek. Hopping up and down, hands clapping, she launched into his arms. Barely coherent words streamed out of her lips, faster and faster, as she tried to relay the full vision for their wedding in under a minute.

“This is one of our better episodes,” Smyth mused, as he watched the scene replay on the screen. “Attractive couple. Plenty of drama with the vendors. A secret relationship between the best man and maid of honor—revealed during the rehearsal dinner.”

“You also made the bride’s father cry,” George, his producer, reminded him from the seat directly in front of the computer monitor. Handsome enough to raise even Smyth’s heartrate, George could also deflate his enthusiasm in a hot minute. “And, you came in over budget. Again.”

“The bride wanted the ice sculpture and the chocolate fountain. Luxury costs money.”

Well worth it, too, in his humble opinion. If you weren’t going to make a big fuss about your wedding day, then Smyth didn’t see much point in getting hitched in the first place.

“We can add it to the reel, but you can’t just cut those parts out to make yourself look good.”

“Why not?” Smyth folded his arms across his chest, narrowing his eyes. “It’s a demo reel. It’s supposed to make me—make our whole team—look good.”

“But you have to be honest.”

“I’m always honest.” For the most part. “Yes, that orange dress is heaven,” and “No, that extra flounce doesn’t make your butt look big,” and “Don’t worry, it happens to a lot of guys” hardly counted.

George shook his head, mumbling something about integrity, while he flagged the episode and pulled up another clip for them to review.

Ever the Southern gentleman, Smyth feigned a cough to hide his amusement. Staging the surprise meetings with prospective brides and grooms was his favorite part of making his TV show, Smyth Saves the Date. But this was what he liked second best. Getting George annoyed to the point of mumbling, but not so upset he was ranting. It was almost a game for Smyth, a challenge of sorts. When they’d filmed the pilot almost two years ago, he’d quickly discovered just how delightful it was to get under George’s skin.

The producer was always so uptight, so disciplined. He’d actually come to their first meeting at a coffee shop in a suit and tie. Smyth had spent most of it wanting to reach across the table and tussle his hair or loosen his tie. To this day, getting a reaction out of him was on par with catching the bouquet at a wedding.

Of course it was all in good fun. Smyth appreciated everything George did to make the show a hit. After he’d joined the cast of The Marrying Type halfway through its debut season, Smyth had caught the bug. He’d always been an imaginative and organized wedding planner. Co-starring on his best friend’s TV show had shown him another side of the business, one he enjoyed.

Even though Elliot had left show biz after that, Smyth had eagerly accepted an offer for his own spin-off. On Smyth Saves the Date, he and a small crew descended on a wedding in trouble mere weeks before the I dos to help make it a success. Now here they were, cutting a demo reel in hopes of signing a contract for a third season. It was hard work, but the most fun he’d ever had.

And, he could admit to himself, he couldn’t do it without George there to keep him on task and to make him look fabulous. It wasn’t easy. With his dull dark hair that hung flat without heavy product and a jaw he wished could be called strong, Smyth didn’t give him much to work with. Still, somehow George had him looking engaging, if not cover model handsome, whenever the cameras rolled.

Maybe he’d thank George for that one day. Maybe.

Smyth was about to ask if they could edit the clip so Steven, his assistant/nemesis, didn’t make the cut when his phone rang. He glanced at the display even as the producer shook his head.

“You agreed to no phone calls. Otherwise, we’ll never finish.”

He had, but that was before he knew he’d get a call from Elliot Lynch. “Give me two minutes.”

“Smyth . . .”

Ignoring the menacing tone, he answered. “How’s my favorite retired wedding planner? From what exotic location are you calling me today?”

Her giggle came through the receiver, making him smile. “Actually, we’re in L.A. today.”

“You’re in town? For how long?”

George glanced up curiously and Smyth mouthed her name, which earned a nod of approval. Not even George could find fault with Elliot.

“We’re just stopping through. I hate to be so last-minute, but are you free for lunch?”

“Of course.” George wouldn’t like them taking the unplanned break, but even he wouldn’t be so heartless as to deny him this reunion. They hadn’t seen each other in months. She was in town for one afternoon. Plus, if he promised not to pout, Smyth would invite him along. “Just say when and where and I’ll be there—with my bells on.”

About the Story
Two years after winning over TV audiences on “The Marrying Type,” Rhett Smyth is headlining his own show, “Smyth Saves the Date.” While clashing with his stern but swoon-worthy producer, George, about the show’s direction—and trying to plan his best friend’s wedding—Smyth will have to choose what he needs more: fame or love.

Explore the unlimited nature of love and its many incarnations in the Love Unlimited Anthology, featuring eleven stories that cross generations, cultural backgrounds, and borders. Love Unlimited will warm your heart, tickle your funny bone, and envelop you in the wonderful and complex human emotion the world calls “Love.”

"Smyth Saves the Date" will be available in the Love Unlimited collection beginning August 23. You can find it on Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, and Kobo.

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