August 23, 2017

'smyth saves the date' is now available!

"Smyth Saves the Date" is now available in the Love Unlimited collection!

Explore the unlimited nature of love and its many incarnations in the Love Unlimited Anthology, featuring eleven stories that cross generations, cultural backgrounds, and borders. Love Unlimited will warm your heart, tickle your funny bone, and envelop you in the wonderful and complex human emotion the world calls “Love.”

Bryana Beecham - Love Letters to the Universe
Geralyn Corcillo - In Her Space
Laura Chapman - Smyth Saves the Date
Katie Leonard - SuperMom and the Theory of Mind
Kelly Cain - Summer Healing
Anne Hamilton - The Shining Girl
Zainab Muhammad Shahid - Kaneez's Bulbul
Samantha Bryant - Flygirl's Second Chance
Therese Gilardi - Paris in April
Lizbeth Durano - Starting Over
Amy Gettinger - Kiss My Sweet Skull

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About "Smyth Saves the Date"
Two years after winning over TV audiences on “The Marrying Type,” Rhett Smyth is headlining his own show, “Smyth Saves the Date.” While clashing with his stern but swoon-worthy producer, George, about the show’s direction—and trying to plan his best friend’s wedding—Smyth will have to choose what he needs more: fame or love.

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