February 13, 2018

what i'm loving this february

After a month spent going to and renting movies, reading books, and basically living my best life, there are so many things I'm loving right now. It was difficult to narrow it down to a top five, but here we go.

 Right now I'm loving:

Playing Catch-Up on Hallmark movies. 

While watching TV during cardio, I discovered a couple of new favorite Hallmark movies. I apparently missed out on a lot of new flicks the last year or two. Several were charming, but my hands-down favorite was Birthday Wish. This has one of my favorite tropes: a newly 30-year-old woman makes a birthday wish and gets a glimpse at what her future looks like, and it isn't what she expected. This movie did it with a fresh take, and I found myself totally swooning for the couple and their story. I liked it enough I've already re-watched it and saved it to my DVR for another future viewing.

World War II movies and research. 

Following my now annual binge-watch of The Crown, I was particularly drawn to a couple of this year's Oscar-nominated films from just before that time period. I went to see Darkest Hour after work one evening and came home to watch Dunkirk on Prime. Both were well done, and I appreciated seeing more of what the war was like before U.S. involvement. (I admit, I knew almost nothing about the conflict before Pearl Harbor.) While reading up on World War II, I also found myself having conversations with my parents to learn more about family members who served. I channeled the former journalist who lives inside me and scrolled through digital archives to find their draft papers, and in one case POW information. Just last weekend, my mom and I looked through old family photos and materials. One of my favorite pieces is a personalized prayer book my great uncle received from the Ladies Aid at his church just before he left for training.

Victoria on Masterpiece. 

I'm behind on watching Season 2, but I've spent the past week re-watching Season 1 on Prime. And oh my goodness! I'd forgotten how dreamy Tom Hughes was. Oh me, oh my, I might have a little crush on Prince Albert. Or Tom Hughes. Or Tom Hughes playing Albert. Or all of the above. Note to self: Find out if the prince was dishy in real life.

Learning about the Plantagenets.  

I'm taking forever to read Dan Jones's book on the subject, but I'm enjoying every moment. I've only made it to King Richard returning from the Crusade to a less-than-stellar homecoming, but friends, there's so much drama. Who knew the middle ages were so compelling? Well, probably you if you've read up on the subject yourself, but isn't it fascinating. And here's a little fun fact . . . Reading this book also qualifies as research of sorts for the book I'm writing now. Tuck that little fact away for later.

Green Giant broccoli and cauliflower tots. 

Trust me, when you're watching what you eat, there are few things in the world that taste better than bits of broccoli or cauliflower mashed up into the shape of a tater tot. So. Good.

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