June 10, 2018

and . . . we're back

Blogger's Note: After months and months of lackluster to dismal writing, I needed to shake-up my non-routine. So I'm challenging myself to write and share a new blog post every day in June in hopes it will reinvigorate my writing process. Posts will vary in content, theme and length. The point is to write every day! You can read the story behind #junewriter here.

I learned something important about myself this week. Here it goes: Despite my best intentions, I can easily make excuses for why I'm not writing.

Last Monday was my first missed post. The reason? I was packing, cleaning, and doing all the things one needs to do before a business trip. I was feeling a little overwhelmed, so I gave myself a free pass.

Tuesday came, and I had big plans of writing at the airport or on the plane. But thanks to a missing shuttle bus and long lines at security, I barely made my 6 a.m. flight. By then, I was out of sorts so I listened to a podcast and read instead. I'd surely have time later in the day to make good on my plans to write. By the time we landed in NYC, my co-worker and I were in full production mode. Between making our meetings and traveling yet again to the East Hamptons, I was wiped by the time we called it an evening, I had nothing to give.

I frankly forgot about this scheme on Wednesday and when I finally had downtime on Thursday, I figured the week was shot and so I'd do better another time.

Reading this, I can't completely fault myself. As mentioned, this has been a ridiculously crazy and often times overwhelming few months at the day job. I've lost a lot of sleep and felt stretched thin. Finding words hasn't been easy. That's why I'm doing this whole thing. But now that I'm back home and aware that I'm days away from this long stretch of professional mayhem theoretically coming to an end, I want to get back to business as usual.

And I want to do better.

I'm going to add on my missed days to the end--or maybe even do two posts in one day--so I can still have thirty new blog posts this month-ish. And I'm going to keep evaluating what keeps me from working and looking for ways to overcome that hurdle.

Here we go.

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