June 18, 2018

hamptons living

I've been lucky to travel to some pretty wonderful places: Paris, London, Seattle, San Antonio, New Orleans, and so on. As a bonus, just about all of my adventures have started as a school or professional opportunity. I say that's a bonus, because it usually means all or part of the trip is paid for, but it is a mixed bag too. Mixed because most of my time is spent working and I have to make my downtime count. If I want to see anything--or lots of things--I have to move quickly and go, go, go. It's fun, but it can be exhausting.

The week before last I went to another pretty wonderful place. It's somewhere I've heard about over and over but never imagined I'd visit. And here's the kicker: I feel like I had a completely solid experience and I did almost nothing.

After a whirlwind afternoon in New York City, my colleague and I headed to East Hampton where we would be working for the next two days. Without revealing too much about what we were doing or "scooping" my day job, we were looking at, selecting and packing pieces for display at our museum later this year. It was too dark to see our surroundings when we arrived, but with the towering trees and straight-out-of-a-magazine homes, we knew we weren't in Nebraska anymore.

That was all confirmed the following morning when we took a brief tour through East Hampton and Sag Harbor.

Nothing but trees, water, blue skies . . . and yachts.

We didn't have long to gawk at our surroundings and quickly went to work for the day. By the time we called it around 5, my colleague and I were both craving that something special you *have* to have when you're that close to the water.

You guessed it. A crazy, over-the-top platter of fish. I believe this included some fried scallops and shrimp along with a white fish I can't remember. It was crazy fried and crazy delicious. I'm lucky I didn't wake up with a stomach ache, but it tasted so good.

We were back at it the next morning and found ourselves wrapping up with the heavy lifting that afternoon. We contemplated driving out to Montauk to see the lighthouse and beach. But after two days of heavy lifting and packing, we were pretty wiped. We decided we'd take a little time to just sit and relax by the pool.

And we ended up checking out a different Montauk.

We may not have seen a ton on our trip, but we saw enough. And, unfortunately, a lot of it was private property, so I can't share much about that (or photos) out of respect. But all in all, it was a crazy busy yet at times super restful experience.

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  1. Well, now I have to put on my list of places to go. Sounds like a great place to relax (even though y'all did a lot of work).