Writing Tips

Sometimes during my blogging adventures, I share some of the resources and materials I use to support my writing endeavors. Here is a compilation of some of these tips.

These are only my approaches and my suggestions. Writing is a unique experience for everyone, and you should find and do what works best for you.

How I Plan and Plot my Books: "My Life as a Plotter"

How I Get Started: "What Starting a New Project Looks Like"

How I (Sometimes) Use Index Cards to Plan: "Plotting for NaNoWriMo"

How I Get from Point A to Z: "Before and After"

How I Create, Build, and Resolve Tension: "Set the Scenes"

How to Make a Working Synopsis: "Make an Outline"

How to Make Blurb Writing Work for Your Story: "Build Interest"

How I Stay Organized with Edits: "Another Round of Edits"

How I Write in Public: "My Tips for a Successful Write-In"

Authentic Marketing: Parts One, Two and Three